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Love’s Interiors Inc. is a professional metal stud framing contractor serving Prince Alberta, Saskatoon, and the surrounding service areas. We have a portfolio of hundreds of completed metal stud framing projects including new construction, commercial work, and residential developments.

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Steel Stud Framing

For commercial and residential properties and industrial applications, metal stud framing offers the basis for a building’s structure. Metal studs are not only stronger and more environmentally friendly than wood, but they are also capable of supporting load-bearing walls while giving a building its overall design.

Metal stud framing is versatile, working for ceilings, soffits, interior walls, and external walls. As the basic skeleton over which most new commercial construction is built, it is an essential part of a building project.

Galvanized steel joist is holding thermal insulation material, rock wool.

Metal Stud Framing in Residential and Commercial Projects


Metal stud framing in residential and commercial projects is steadily increasing. Because steel stud framing is more difficult than wood framing, an expert metal stud framing company should do the job. As a professional company, we are well-versed in light gauge steel stud framing used in residential projects. Expect us to deliver straight walls and levelled ceilings every time!

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